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Notes for installation of rubber sealing ring


Rubber seal ring is dedicated to mechanical equipment, it is an important part of the link mechanical parts, so the quality of rubber seal ring and installation is very critical. Then today changfeng rubber to introduce the installation of rubber sealing ring matters needing attention.

1, can not install the wrong direction and damage the lip. The above bruises on the lip may result in a noticeable oil leak.

2. Prevent forced installation. Can't use hammer to knock in, but should use special tool to press the sealing ring into the seat hole first, then use simple cylinder to protect the lip through the spline part. Before installation, smear some lubricating oil on the lips to facilitate installation and prevent initial operation. Pay attention to cleaning.

3. Prevent overdue use. Dynamic rubber sealing ring life is generally 5000h, should be more timely sealing ring.

4. Avoid using old sealing rings. When using a new seal ring, also want to carefully check its surface quality, make sure there are no holes, bumps, cracks and grooves and enough elastic before use.

5. In order to prevent damage and oil leakage, it is required to operate according to the rules. Meanwhile, it is not allowed to overload the machine for a long time or put the machine in a bad environment.

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